Technical Research Spike

Technical Research Spike Goals

  1. Evaluate and integrate core technologies

  2. Evaluate methods for modeling governance in software

  3. Evaluate methods for analysis and discussion of data generated by models

  4. Evaluate methods for modifying and comparing models

  5. Identify methods for sharing and distributing research results

Excluded from Technical Research Spike Goals

Defining and identifying the best form of government is not a goal for this research spike. It's a goal for the project. But for this spike, we are focused on exploring methods and technologies, not the models themselves.

Core Technologies

Modeling: Unity Entity Component System

User Interface: Unity3D

AI: Unity's ML-Agents, OpenAI, TenserFlow, Python

Analysis and Discussion

Analytics: MS Power BI Pro

Change Management: Jira

Discussion Forum: TBD

Distribution: TBD

Direct Democracy

For this research spike, we will model direct democracy.

Change management and progress along the workstream can be followed on the technical research spike board on's Jira site.